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General information about Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the youngest European cities and one of the largest economic and culture centers in the Western Ukraine. It is a distinctive world corner where, with the blessing of God, clean, mountainous and virgin nature is combined with architectural beauty, hospitality and kindness of its inhabitants. Our city is unlike any other cities in the world by very objective historical and geographical reasons.

Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the most developed cities in Ukraine with favorable geographic location near European Union borders and good investment environment.

The city of Ivano-Frankivsk is an administrative center of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is located 500 km southwest far from the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv – and 160-300 km far from the EU borders.

Ivano-Frankivsk is an important industrial, tourist, and transport center of western Ukraine. It disposes of the developed bank infrastructure and three national universities. The main branches of the city’s economics are the following: food and processing industries, construction, mechanical engineering, light industry, building, trade and tourism.

Distance to the main tourist centers of the region: Halych – 25 km, Monastery Maniava Skyt – 40 km, Yaremche – 70 km, Vorokhta – 90 km, Kosiv – 100 km, the resort “Bukovel”- 100 km, Verkhovyna – 120 km.

The city has a railway and air communication with Kyiv as well as bus communication with many cities of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Population of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk constitutes 241.1 thousand people (as of 01.01.2011).

Level of the registered unemployment – 1.34% (as of 01.01.2011).

Average monthly labor payment – 1,981 hryvnias.

Total volume of the direct foreign investments in the economics of the city (as of 01.01.2011) – amounted to 113.7 million USD.

Strategic location of Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk is connected by train service (via Lviv) with Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Minsk, Moscow, Prague, and St. Petersburg. The international airport of Ivano-Frankivsk has a favorable geographical position in the center of Western Ukraine. It serves the aircrafts of all types.

Strategic location of Ivano-Frankivsk

The region is located at the crossing of important trans European ways. Main traffic arteries E40 (Venice – Kyiv) and E85 (Baltic Sea – Black Sea) are passing nearby. Bus transport serves about 20 international routes to Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Passenger vehicle transportation is established with countries of European Union.

Distance from Ivano-Frankivsk to the international shipping and passenger check points through the frontier with:
-Romania (“Porubne” customs check point) – 180 km;
-Poland (“Mostyska” customs check point) – 200 km;
-Slovakia (“Uzhgorod” customs check point) – 300 km; -Hungary (“Chop” customs check point) – 320 km.

Transport connection

The Ivano-Frankivsk airport offers regular flights to Kyiv and charter flights to USA, Great Britain, UAE, Israel, Turkey and the largest airports of CIS. Regular flights to the airport of Lviv (130 km from Ivano-Frankivsk) are from Warsaw, Vienna, Moscow, Timisoara, Naples, Rome, Munich, Dortmund and Istanbul.

International Car and Pedestrian Crossing Points at the State Border between Ukraine and:

International crossing points Ukraine with other counties

Diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Lviv

Honorable consulate of Republic of Austria (26, Shevchenko Avenue, tel.: + 38 032 2612014)
Honorable consulate of Canada (2/4, Academician Bohomolets Str., tel.: + 38 032 2971772)
Honorable consulate of Kingdom of the Netherlands (42, Sakharov Str., tel.: + 38 032 2971906)
Consulate general of Republic of Poland (11 -A\3, Kotsiubynskyi Str., tel.: + 38 032 2971353, www.konsulat.lviv.ua)
Consulate general of Russian Federation (95, K.Levytskyi Str., tel.: + 38 032 2442525, www.lviv.mid.ru)
Honorable consulate of Federal Republic of Germany (6, Vynnychenko Str., tel.: + 38 032 2751702)
Honorable consulate of Republic of Lithuania (72,Turgenev Str., tel.: + 38 032 2988935)
Honorable consulate of Republic of Latvia (57, Chornovil Avenue, tel.: + 38 032 2403370)
Consulate general of Czech Republic (130, Antonovych Str., tel.: + 38 032 2953967)
Honorable consulate of Federative Republic of Brazil (2, Cholovskyi Str., tel.: + 38 032 2971177)
Honorable consulate of Republic of Belarus (2, A.Horska Str., tel.: + 38 032 2372730)
Honorable consulate of Republic of Slovenia (14, Vynnychenko Str., tel.: + 38 032 2988405)
Honorable consulate of Kingdom of Belgium (14, Ivan Franko Str., tel.: + 38 032 2602080)
Consular agent of the Italian Republic Embassy in the Western Ukraine (2\6, Dudaev Str., tel.: + 38 032 2722756, www.sedi.esteri.it/riev)
British Council in Lviv (1\237, Universytetska Str., tel.: + 38 032 2762915, www.britishcouncil.org/uk/ukraine)
Embassies and consulates of other foreign countries are situated in the capital of country – the city of Kyiv.